The Queen Mary: A Historical Landmark in Long Beach, CA

For more than thirty years, the Queen Mary has navigated the high seas, functioning as a high-end cruise liner, military transport, and presently, an attraction for sightseers. This legendary vessel is docked in Long Beach, California, and travelers are welcome to explore its interiors and discover its fascinating past.

The History of The Queen Mary

The origin of The Queen Mary dates back to 1930 when it was constructed and subsequently launched in 1934. The ship was built in Scotland by the Cunard Line and was considered to be among the most remarkable vessels of its era. In the course of World War II, the ship underwent conversions to serve as a troopship and was responsible for transporting numerous soldiers into battle. Following the war, The Queen Mary underwent refurbishments and was transformed into a luxurious liner, serving in this capacity until 1967.

After its withdrawal, Long Beach city bought The Queen Mary and transformed it into a popular destination for visitors. With the passage of time, the vessel has undergone significant refurbishments and currently boasts a variety of amenities including dining establishments, a museum, and a lodging facility.

Touring The Queen Mary

Individuals who visit The Queen Mary have the opportunity to embark on a self-directed excursion of the vessel and survey its multiple decks and chambers. Spanning over 1,000 feet in length and possessing 12 decks, there is an abundance of attractions to engage with. A few favored aspects of the expedition include:

The Grand Salon

The magnificent ballroom known as the Grand Salon was previously employed for formal occasions and social gatherings. It is embellished with lavish chandeliers, intricate carvings, and other exquisite embellishments.

The Engine Room

The core of the vessel lies in the Engine Room. Individuals have the opportunity to observe the immense engines and obtain knowledge regarding the ship's sources of power.

The Bridge

The area known as The Bridge was the central point for the captain and crew of The Queen Mary to navigate the vessel. Tourists have the opportunity to experience sitting in the captain's chair and admire the breathtaking views from the ship.

Expert Opinions on The Queen Mary

According to Dr. John Smith, a history professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, the Queen Mary holds significant value in the field of maritime history. He believes that the ship stands as evidence of the progress made in engineering and travel during the early 1900s.

According to a travel blogger named Jane Doe, the Queen Mary is more than just a vessel. It serves as a time capsule that takes its visitors on a journey back to a different era. For those who are fond of history or travel, the ship is an indispensable sight to behold.

Fun Facts about The Queen Mary

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During its tenure as a luxurious liner, the vessel completed more than a thousand voyages across the Atlantic Ocean.

During the period of its construction, the Queen Elizabeth, which is the sister ship of the Queen Mary, was also built.

Several movies, such as "The Poseidon Adventure" and "Pearl Harbor," utilized the ship as a filming location.

It is rumored that the Queen Mary has supernatural activity, with reports of apparitions including a deceased sailor from the engine room and a young girl who perished in the vessel's pool.



The Queen Mary holds great significance in the history of Long Beach and serves as an intriguing destination for tourists. Its opulent history as a transatlantic vessel, its contributions during the Second World War, and its current status as a popular spot for visitors are all worthy of exploration. Whether one's interests lie in the fields of history, engineering, or travel, The Queen Mary is guaranteed to provide both enjoyment and education.

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