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FAQs:  Long Beach Workers' Compensation Cases

Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Long Beach

What do I do if my claim was denied?

Any valid claim that has been denied demands immediate action from a Long Beach Workers' Compensation lawyer from Accident Lawyers. With over 35 years of collective experience in the area of benefits in work related injury cases, we can evaluate your situation, why the claim was denied, and appeal this decision to bring the matter to a resolution. These cases can be very distressing, both emotionally and financially, as the injured worker is suffering and is forced to continue to work or cannot work but can't get benefits to support themselves or their families. We know how to address these cases and move it forward as quickly as possible.

How do I know if my claim will be allowed?

In any case in which an injury, illness or other damage has taken place while at the job, you have the right to file a claim for benefits. We can help.

What should be done in a case of toxic exposure?

One of the most dangerous types of work related injuries is those that are the result of exposure to toxic chemicals and gases. Many work in an environment where dangerous chemicals are used daily, and even when precautions are taken, accidents can occur resulting in exposure. This can lead to very serious illnesses and fatalities when the chemical compound is highly toxic and a high enough level of exposure has occurred. Other exposure cases may have taken place over a long period of lesser exposure, even to caustic cleaning fluids, gases, and building material. Mesothelioma and silicosis are two the more serious types of illness related to toxic exposure. Our legal team can assist those facing illness or injury through exposure, and should be contacted at once if this is your situation.

Can I get benefits for stress-related injuries?

This is often possible. We can assist you in determining how to file your claim and how to proceed.

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Long Beach Workers' Compensation Attorney

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